Quarantini Anyone? When Everyday Drinking Becomes A Problem


As weeks in lockdown pile up, what started out as a way to unwind may start to feel like an unexpectedly stubborn habit.

By Corinne Purtill

Original Source: nytimes.com

— Kristi Coulter, author of “Nothing Good Can Come From This,” on the wine memes showing up on social media these days

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“Days are now divided by coffee hours and alcohol hours,” the comedy writer Emily Murnane tweeted on March 31, nearly two weeks after states and cities around the United States began to issue stay-at-home orders. “There is no other law.”

Zoom happy hours served as a break from isolation and a consolation prize for canceled plans. Alcohol sales nationwide were up 55 percent the week ending March 21 compared with the year before, according to...click here to continue reading