Prom Night and Pills

by Alyce
Senior Prom is an exciting time for all high school students, especially girls. It’s our last chance to get dressed in gorgeous gowns, wear extravagant make-up, and dance all night with our best friends. I’m sure guys get excited for senior prom as well, but most likely for different reasons.
At my prom I wanted to enjoy myself, so I went with one of my best guy friends. I knew we would be able to dance all night and go on rides (yes, my prom was at an amusement park), and there would be no weird tension. I knew I could trust him and I knew I would have a good time.
After dinner everyone in our group took pictures outside of our limo and got ready to begin the night. As we got into the limo my date asked me if I wanted to take an ecstasy pill when we got there. I had no idea what that was or how it would affect me, so I asked him about it. He said that it would make the night really fun, and it would feel just like I was drunk. Like I said before… I trusted him. So I said okay. He handed me the little white pill and I put it in my purse before anyone else saw.
As we arrived to our amusement park prom extravaganza he told me it was time to pop the pill. I reached in my purse and grabbed a little white pill and washed it down with some water. And then I waited. We went on the rides and danced with all of our friends, but I still wasn’t sure I felt anything. I just continued having a good time at my last dance, and disregarded any side effects I may or may not have been feeling.
About 3 weeks later I was going through my purse from that night and found a little white pill in the bottom of it. As it turned out, what I thought was the ecstasy pill I took at my dance was in fact an aspirin that I had in my purse incase I needed one throughout the night. I can’t believe that I was naive enough to take a pill that I had no knowledge of. I didn’t even know the term ecstasy before that night. I didn’t know how it would affect my body. I didn’t know how it would effect my night. I put my entire senior prom experience in jeopardy, let alone my life.
I’m amazed at how much of my life as a young teen was influenced by people I trusted. The sad thing is, I didn’t consider it peer pressure because it came from a friend.