Positivity Is Key To Preventing Youth Substance Use


Strong relationships and positive messages can help parents, teachers and mentors guide young people toward healthy choices

By  Lauren Glendenning

Original Source: summitdaily.com

When it comes to helping children make good decisions about alcohol, marijuana and other substances, parents are more successful when they skip the scare tactics.

Youth have the ability to fact-check what they’re told, according to Speak Now Colorado, a Colorado Department of Human Services website that provides advice for parents. When parents speak the truth, focus on positive messages and avoid the scare tactics, they not only build trust with their children, they also increase the likelihood their messages get through.

“The first step parents can take is to become informed about the facts and effects of drug and alcohol use,” said Amy Wineland, director of the Summit County Public Health Department.  “An educated parent can give…click here to continue reading