Police Officer Who Adopted Homeless Addict’s Baby Says Birth Mother Is Now 40 Days Sober


By Dave Quinn

Original Source: people.com

Albuquerque policeman Ryan Holets made headlines in December when CNN published a report about his decision to adopt the baby of a pregnant, homeless drug addict he had encountered while on duty.

And now, the father of five — who was a special guest at Tuesday’s State of the Union alongside his wife Rebecca and newborn baby, Hope — tells the news outlet that Hope’s birth mother Crystal Champ and her partner Tom Key are approximately 40 days sober.

“I lose track of time with everything that’s going on, [but]I was recently talking to Crystal on the phone and she was saying she’s excited because their 40 days mark is coming up,” Holets, 27, told CNN’s New Day on Wednesday. “So I don’t know if it’s past 40 days or just about there. But 40 days sober, that’s incredible.”

“It’s a hope I always had,” he added of their sobriety. “I always had faith that we would get to this point. But that’s one of the things I was so incredible grateful to [CNN’s Ed Lavandera] and the story is that it went to such a large platform that someone actually went forward to help them.”

Holets first met Champ in September, while responding to a possible theft from a convenience store. She and Key were at a nearby grassy area, leaning against a…click here to continue reading