‘This Place Saved My Life.’ A Recovery Choir Helped These Addicts Turn Their Lives Around


The Straight & Narrow Gospel Choir, which performs regularly at Catholic churches and schools, has helped generations of people overcome addiction.

By Lindy Washburn, North Jersey Record

Original Source: northjersey.com

In this choir, they sing for their lives.

That man taking the solo once was a homeless heroin addict selling water bottles to commuters outside the Holland Tunnel for drug money. That woman in the front row was addicted before she became a mother at 17. The woman beside her was brought back by police officers from an overdose five months ago.

Hold on, they sing, hold on. Things are gonna get easier.

The Straight & Narrow Gospel Choir, which performs regularly at Catholic churches and schools around North Jersey, is the liveliest and most public face of Straight & Narrow Inc., the Catholic agency named for…click here to continue reading