Why Do People Start Abusing Drugs And Alcohol?


By The Fix Staff

Original Source: thefix.com

No matter the substance, no matter the reason, people who have turned to alcohol and/or drugs have turned away from the causes behind their problems.

There is no one single reason why people begin to abuse drugs and alcohol. In fact, it’s oftentimes very difficult to pinpoint where and when someone’s decision to use and abuse substances takes root. One of the most common reasons people begin to use drugs is because of what’s going on in their family. Family dynamics can play a huge influence on people’s addictions. For many individuals, they’ve grown up surrounded by alcohol or drug abuse, which simply becomes “normal” for them. When parents abuse alcohol and drugs yet they seem to live otherwise ordinary, functional lives, their children tend to believe they can get away with drinking alcohol and using drugs, too. Family isn’t the root of all problems, though. The power of peer pressure can’t be ignored. For many kids, when someone at school or in their neighborhood offers them alcohol or drugs, it can become nearly impossible for them to say no. Young adults and teenagers often give in to peer pressure in the hopes of feeling normal or, perhaps, seeing a solution to the stress or pain in their lives. Still, aside from family and friends, the underlying reasons behind drug and alcohol abuse are as…click here to continue reading