One Mom’s Journey To Sobriety From The Peak Of ‘Mommy Wine Culture’


By Laura Coburn, Ayanna Gill, and Anthony Rivas

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Harmony Hobbs was, for a long time, a figure within “mommy wine culture” — a culture that encourages drinking alcohol to take the edge off of parenting and which has been reinforced by internet memes and products with mantras like “mommy fuel” or “I wine because my kids whine.”

But in 2017, Hobbs, a mom of three from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who had created a successful blog called “Modern Mommy Madness,” began a new journey. She gave up alcohol and went sober, realizing that her drinking had gotten out of hand. She was no longer drinking for fun, but rather, to mask the pressures of motherhood.

“Instantly, it made me feel better,” Hobbs said. “I had rules because I didn’t want to be irresponsible, so I would drink a lot at home — wine. Just a glass or two and I feel…click here to continue reading