Once Lost To Addiction, She Returns With Message Of Hope


For years, Megan Cohen lived in a perpetual state of hunger, trauma and pain, and she eventually on the streets of Philadelphia’s Kensington district, the largest open-air drug market on the East Coast.

By Marion Callahan

Original Source: usnews.com

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Under the weight of a soaked blanket, Megan Cohen inched her way, on foot, along a stretch of Interstate 95 in Philadelphia, the rain beating against her frail body.

She wasn’t looking to be saved.

“I was so broken. I was homeless at that point for quite a while and I wasn’t in the right state of mind at all,” said Cohen. “Tons of people drove right past me. I may have driven right past me.”

Coming off his shift as an Uber driver, Joshua Santiago spotted Cohen as she headed toward Bensalem.

“Something in my heart told me to stop,” said Santiago. “I was about to go home and lay in a warm bed.”When he pulled over, Cohen was skeptical about his…click here to continue reading