On The Path To Sobriety? Here Are 7 Tips To Make It Easier


By Hannah Coates

Original Source: vogue.co.uk

Picture the scene: a night out with friends punctuated not by countless glasses of wine, but by drinks of the non-alcoholic variety. For some, it’s a distant ideal, but with statistics from 2018 showing that nearly 30 per cent of 16 to 24 year olds identify as “non-drinkers”, a figure that is since said to have risen, these days it’s not as rare a scene as one might expect. Because whether it’s the pursuit of all-round health, a wellness industry worth $4.2 trillion, or just the realisation that the answer to one’s problems doesn’t always lie in a boozy night out, more and more of us are eschewing alcoholic drinks in favour of going ‘dry’ – and not just for January…click here to continue reading