Olympic Champion Wilfred Bungei On Alcoholism ‘Chaos’ And Near-Death Experiences


The Kenyan runner became an alcoholic after retiring and missed the birth of his child. Now, over seven years sober, he wants more support for athletes.

Original Source: olympicchannel.com

Wilfred Bungei seemed to have it all: An 800m Olympic gold medal, money, and status.

By 2010, the man who was born in Kenya and “shaped” by Verona in Italy had won everything he wanted in athletics and decided to hang up his spikes. However with few aims, and little support outside of his family, he turned to alcohol.

“It was the vacuum that I didn’t have much to do. Which happens to most disciplined athletes. When they are running their life is only running, you sleep, you travel around the world,” Bungei told the Olympic Channel Podcast.

Bungei’s drinking spiraled out of control. He would go on week-long drinking binges, almost losing his…click here to continue reading