New Jersey Spends Millions on Anti-Drug Commercials Featuring Gov. Chris Christie


By Terence Cullen

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has become an unexpected leader in the fight against drugs and prescription pain killers.

At a personal level, he’s gone public about losing a friend to drug addiction. Now it’s one of his final policy issues as he leaves elected office.

The Garden State is poised to spend at least $15 million on an anti-drug advertising campaign, according to local reports. He’s also recruited local sports teams to help fight the drug epidemic, which killed close to 1,000 state residents in 2015.

On the federal level, the Republican has become President Trump’s de facto anti-drug czar.

After he was passed over for a White House job, Christie decided to focus on issues back home in New Jersey. But Trump still appointed him the chairman of the President’s Commission on Combatting Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.

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