A Navy Admiral Lost His Son To Opioid Addiction. Now He’s Marshaling Support To End The Epidemic


By Alex Horton

Original Source: washingtonpost.com

Retired Navy Adm. James “Sandy” Winnefeld once had the ability to project military power anywhere on Earth. But when it came to finding help to pull his son Jonathan back from the depths of drug addiction, the former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was at a loss.

Writing in the Atlantic, Winnefeld described the magnetic force of opioid addiction that eventually claimed his 19-year-old son in September. His death was traced to fentanyl-infused heroin. Overdoses killed 64,000 Americans last year — more than 20 times those killed in the Sept. 11 attacks, Winnefeld noted.

But few of those deaths involved families as connected to powerful institutions as the Winnefeld family, underscoring how deeply rooted the problem of addiction has taken hold. A career military officer, Winnefeld sought…click here to continue reading