ChrisWolstenholmeMuseDC041111.jpgBassist speaks candidly about his battle with alcoholism and the new Muse songs it inspired

Muse’s Chris Wolstenholme has spoken candidly about his battle with alcoholism.

The bassist’s drinking problem had become so consuming by the time Muse came to record their 2009 album ‘The Resistance’ that his bandmates Matt Bellamy and Dom Howard were often left to work on their music alone.

Discussing the extent of his problem, Wolstenholme told NME: “Drinking all day every day is pretty bad. It’s when you start getting to that point where you realise you can’t function without it, where you wake up in the morning shaking and the first thing you do is go to the fridge and down a bottle of wine. That’s how bad it was. I was incredibly unhealthy, overweight, a mess.”

As well as affecting him physically, Wolstenholme also admitted that the drug had got to him “psychologically”. He recalled: “You’ve got anxiety 24 hours a day, you feel your fucking life’s about to end, you’re very scared but you don’t know what you’re scared of.”

Because he had previously witnessed first-hand the potentially tragic consequences of alcohol abuse, Wolstenholme was able to spot how severe his own problem had become. He explained: “There was only two ways to go: die in a few years or stop. The same happened to my dad, he was 40 when he died. I’d just turned 30 and it was that realisation that if I go the same way I could be dead in ten years. Ten years is not a long time.”

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