Moderate Alcohol Consumption Is Out, Says The Lancet Health Journal


By Thomas Pellechia

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Does one glass of wine per day or one bottle of beer constitute moderate alcohol consumption? How about three glasses of wine or three beers per day? Is moderation measured differently for men than it is for women? These are old questions with a new answer: Alcohol in moderation is out; abstention is in.

In the spring of 2018 the British health journal, Lancet published a report that claimed consumption of more than 100 grams of pure alcohol (about a half-dozen glasses of wine) causes a rise in mortality rates.  Now Lancet goes further in a new report titled, “No level of alcohol consumption improves health.” It is a report on the results of a recent alcohol research study, which included 512 researchers spanning 243 academic and governmental institutions. The researchers looked into and analyzed alcohol studies as well as public health and death records between 1990-2016 from almost 200 countries and locations. They were tasked with matching the data to about two-dozen health problems, to discover if and how much risk alcohol either presents or minimizes. According to Lancet, the startling result of this study is that…click here to continue reading