From Millionaire to Meth Head


How an entrepreneur lost her home and almost died after getting hooked on ice trying ‘to relax’ after her marriage broke down

By Kirby Spencer

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A former millionaire who nearly died after becoming hooked to the drug ice (crystal meth) has opened up about how she overcame her addiction and rebuilt her life.

Andre’a Simmons, 47, first tried methamphetamine seven years ago after her marriage broke down and her new boyfriend suggested it could help her ‘relax’.

But one hit soon led to another and she formed a deadly habit, leaving her weighing just 40kg and $75,000 in debt.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Andre’a said her introduction to the drug had come from a former flame she had known for years.

‘I had never touched drugs before but I trusted what he said. At the time I didn’t even think about addiction, I just thought I would try it once and see what it was like.’

What started as a weekly hit soon turned to ‘using every day to get by’ and eventually Andre’a wound up in a two year spiral of addiction.

During that time her weight dropped to an alarming…click here to continue reading