Mike Portnoy on Battling Alcoholism: Doctors Told Me I Wouldn’t Live to See 40 Years Old


By Graham Hartmann

Original Source: loudwire.com

With Mike Portnoy performing his “12 Step Suite” for fans all over the world, it’s naturally been a time of reflection for the legendary drummer. In a new interview, Portnoy spoke about how bad his alcoholism had gotten, adding that two separate doctors told him he wouldn’t live to see 40 years old.

The “12 Step Suite” is comprised of Dream Theater tracks that Portnoy was instrumental in penning. With members of Haken on board, the drummer has been jamming the suite under the event title of Shattered Fortress, with plenty of shows left to play in 2017.

“I had my last drink on April 20, 2000, which was…click here to continue reading