Meth Addiction Made My Feet Freeze Off


Story of Olympic athlete dubbed Miracle Man will be played on screen by Josh Hartnett

Eric LeMarque was a former Olympian and professional hockey player but suffered a painful fall due to crystal meth addiction and then lost both legs when a snowboarding trip went horribly wrong

By Eric LeMarque

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This is the story of a near death experience. It’s a story of addiction, but it’s more than that.

It’s also about how you sometimes have to lose part of yourself, maybe even the part you love the most, before you can really know what makes you whole.

It’s a story about how finding your strength can come from reaching the limits of your endurance. About finding out if you never quit you will win.

Until I survived an ordeal that would strip away every false assumption and easy belief I ever had, I thought I knew who I was. And as far back as I can remember, a big part of that identity had been about my feet.

That may sound weird. If most people were asked to single out their most important asset, they usually talk about their character and integrity; their mind, or their heart or even their face. But for me, it was my feet.

They carried me to victory after victory in my life, racking up one achievement after another.

My footwork was what had earned me a place on the Boston Bruins line-up in the National (Ice) Hockey League, the thrill of winning several World Championships and the opportunity to play in the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.

Everything I accomplished as an athlete – and I accomplished a lot from a very young age – involved my feet in one way or another.

Even on the slopes, as an expert rider, it was my feet that conveyed to me the sensations of soaring, gliding and jumping.

They allowed me to master the terrain I was negotiating on every run, to make the split second adjustments and last minute decisions that gave snowboarding its instinctive and spontaneous thrill. They were what kept me grounded and allowed me to soar.

Like most of us, I took my body, and all its parts, for granted. I expected it to be there when I needed it and perform as required.

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