I Was a Meth Addict and a Thief. Today, I’m Being Honored by the FBI.


By Ed Kressy

Original Source: washingtonpost.com

For 11 years, I was addicted to methamphetamine. Here’s how it went for me:

I thought the FBI was after me, dedicating all available resources to my pursuit. In my mind, an invisible stealth bomber often hovered above me in the San Francisco fog. My family and friends were also spying on me, using cutting-edge military technology to beam disembodied voices at me. Doctored pictures of me had appeared in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. This was part of a vast FBI operation with me at its nexus.

Looking back, I think the meth might have had something to do with these thoughts.

Once, after I’d been arrested attempting to break in to my relatives’ home to steal valuables for drug money, I refused to cooperate with police — instead demanding an audience with the FBI. Cops put me in a…click here to continue reading