Melissa Etheridge Opens Up About ‘Troubled’ Son Beckett’s Death: He Was ‘Addicted To Opioids’


“You can’t die and give up. You know, that’s what my son did. [Life]’s to be lived,” Melissa Etheridge said

By Karen Mizoguchi

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Melissa Etheridge is opening up about her son Beckett’s overdose and struggle with opioid addiction 12 weeks after she shared the news of the 21-year-old’s death.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the singer, 59, discussed her son’s death and his struggles prior to his passing. “As the mother of someone who was addicted to opioids, it’s a struggle. You want to help your child. You want to make them all better. He was a young adult,” the mother of four said…click here to continue reading