Meet The Ohio Teen Fighting Infant Heroin Addiction One Baby Blanket At A Time


By Cathy Free

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Sidney Depp was 14 when she learned that a child in the United States is born addicted to opioids every 19 minutes.

“Our family has some friends who had recently been certified to take in foster children,” the Springboro, Ohio, teen tells PEOPLE, “and their very first week, they got a call to care for a baby who had been born addicted to heroin. I had no idea that it was such a big problem, and as soon as I saw that baby, I wanted to do something to help.”

Now 16, Sidney — a sophomore cheerleader at Springboro High School — has spent the past two years running a non profit called the The Love Project, which has thus far decorated and donated more than 2,000 baby blankets for…click here to continue reading