Man Runs 26 Hours To Celebrate 26 Years Of Sobriety


Charlie Engle ended up logging 118 miles as he shared his story of hope with his community.

By McGee Nall

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When thunder and lightning rocked the skies the morning of July 23, friends and locals texted 55-year-old Charlie Engle to see if the 26-hour run around Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh, North Carolina, was still on for that day.

“They said, ‘Are we still doing this?’” Engle said. “But I told people early on, ‘This is the date. This is the day I got sober 26 years ago, and I’m running if a freak snow storm hits… Addiction doesn’t take a day off.”

About 10 minutes before Engle and others started running, the rain stopped.

Engle decided on the 26-hour run to celebrate what he calls his “sober birthday,” the day he was truly born after ending a battle with addiction. Every year on July 23, he tries to…click here to continue reading