LSU Fraternity Pledge Maxwell Gruver’s ‘Off The Charts’ Blood-Alcohol Level Shocks Experts


By Lea Skene

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Less than a month after starting college, LSU freshman Maxwell Gruver spent the last hours of his life unconscious on a fraternity house couch — his breathing likely becoming slower and shallower, medical experts said, and ultimately stopping entirely after vomit entered his lungs.

Gruver probably slipped out of consciousness and died without pain or awareness of his physical state, as if under anesthesia, experts said.

He died of acute alcohol intoxication with aspiration and his blood alcohol content registered as .495, the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s office determined. He had spent the night drinking during an event with members of Phi Delta Theta, the fraternity he was pledging.

LSU Police said fraternity members hazed the pledges and forced them to drink while playing…click here to continue reading