Love, Hate And Living Sober


By Matthew Berry

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The first thing you should know about Scott is that Scott isn’t his real name.

Everything else you’re about to read, however, is 100 percent true. Starting with how he opened his email to me.

“My name is Scott,” he wrote, “and I am an alcoholic.”

He had a normal upbringing, to the extent anything can be considered normal these days. But his parents are still together, there were no money issues in the home, and no tragedy befell Scott. To his friends, family and teachers, he seemed like a typical kid. He played sports, had a girlfriend, had solid grades. But he said he always felt like he was “putting on a show.”

Inside, he felt like a misfit in high school, like I’m sure a lot of us do at that time in our lives (raising my own hand here). The summer before he was to go to college, Scott was at a bonfire. Thinking that he needed to learn how to fit in at college — and well, they drink in college, right? — Scott started drinking. Really drinking. And just like that…click here to continue reading