60DASGSD0.jpgBy: Genevra Pittman

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Doctors know that drinking, drugs and risky sex go together in young people — and a new study suggests loud music should be added to that list.

In the report from The Netherlands, researchers found that teens and young adults who spent a lot of time listening to loud music — already risky because of the long-term chance of hearing loss — were also more likely to smoke marijuana, binge drink and have sex without a condom.

“I think they’ve really shown that sex and drugs go with rock and roll,” said Dr. Sharon Levy, head of the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at Boston Children’s Hospital who wasn’t involved in the new study

But, Levy said, it’s far too early to warn parents that listening to loud music could lead to drug or alcohol use.

The study couldn’t show that one type of risky behavior led to the other, she pointed out. And it didn’t answer another important question: what type of music, exactly, were study participants listening to?

Researchers led by Ineke Vogel at Erasmus MC University Medical Center in Rotterdam surveyed 944 students from inner-city vocational schools, aged 15 to 25, about their music-listening habits and other typical behavior.

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