Lily Allen Opens Up About Sobriety, Past Addiction: I’m In The ‘Process Of Breaking That Cycle’


“I felt so guilty about neglecting my kids in those early years of their life and having to go off on tour and misbehave in the way that I was,” she said. “I really have a great relationship with my kids now”

By Tomas Mier

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Lily Allen is looking back at a dark time in her life.

On Wednesday’s episode of podcast The Recovery, the British singer opened up about her nearly lifelong battle with addiction and her journey to sobriety.

The “Smile” singer revealed that her addiction began at a young age when she became “co-dependent” on alcohol while attending school.

“I started getting my value from attention of others and that is something that has played out until relatively recently really,” she said on the podcast…click here to continue reading