Letter To Editor: Nicotine Addiction Is Serious Health Issue


Original Source: dailylocal.com

If you are suffering from addiction, you’re not alone. Cigarettes are smoked by over one billion people. Smoking is the single largest cause of preventable disease and death in the United States. Every hour, more than 50 Americans die from smoking cigarettes, about 440,000 people a year. Yet still, many people continue their habits regardless of the cost. People could save, not just their own, but others’ lives through the discontinuation of smoking.

Admittedly, people have smoked before for seemingly right reasons. To relieve stress, people smoke the nicotine inside the cigarette. This makes the user release a brain hormone called Dopamine. This makes the user feel a cloud nine effect and have a “high” to make them feel soothed. However, how much stress does the cigarette relieve you of? A cigarette high is very powerful, yes, but after the first time, it just becomes addictive, not even letting dopamines get released. It’s more stressful for the smoker to continue chasing that cloud nine than not smoking because the feeling of that high depletes over time. Each “cloud nine” is one less than the previous. Smoking is not a continuous…click here to continue reading