Lena Dunham Opens Up About Addiction, Rehab At Friendly House Benefit


By James Patrick Herman

Original Source: variety.com

Lena Dunham was the center of attention on Saturday afternoon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel — ironically, the same venue where she partied along with the cast of “Girls” for six straight years at the booze-fueled Golden Globes. But this award ceremony was a strictly sober affair: The 30th anniversary luncheon benefited Friendly House treatment center, which has been helping women to recover from addiction since 1951.

“Being sober in life is hard,” Lena Dunham told Variety. “But being sober is the first step to facing all the things that made you want to hide in the first place.”

“Part of why I love Friendly Houses is because they don’t discriminate,” said Dunham, who celebrated a year of sobriety…click here to continue reading