Lacy: ‘Treatment Was Never Going To Be Enough’


By Jelissa Burns, FIXED Writer

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Pain and addiction

“When my first daughter was 2, I got addicted to opioids. I had never done them before, but then I broke a bone in my foot and I got a kidney infection in the same three-month span. I was prescribed Vicodin twice by my doctor, and by the time I was finished with my second prescription, I was addicted and I knew it.

“This was the good feeling I was searching for — the warm, fuzzy, safe feeling. I had this thing that was my best friend, my boyfriend, all that stuff that people say that it was. Slowly, I stopped caring about everything else. That progressed really fast. Within a year, I was doing handfuls of pain pills. It got very expensive. I was still…click here to continue reading