Kevin’s Addiction Will Surely Signal New Revelations About Jack On ‘This Is Us’


By Leigh Blickley

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After a few weeks off the air, “This Is Us” Season 2 returns Tuesday with a doozy of an episode.

Last time we saw the show’s Big Three characters, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) was saying goodbye to his foster daughter Deja, Kate was dealing with a heartbreaking miscarriage, and Kevin (Justin Hartley) was struggling to deal with addiction. He eventually was arrested for a DUI while his niece was in the car.

This week’s episode, “The Fifth Wheel,” focuses on the aftermath of Kevin’s arrest and his siblings’ attempts to support him in rehab.

Kevin, who resembles his father Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) at times, has struggled this season, relying on pills and alcohol to make it through his days after exacerbating a debilitating knee injury. As the family sits down for an emotional therapy session with Kevin’s psychologist (Kate Burton), it becomes apparent that…click here to continue reading