Kevin Michael Key, Advocate who Found Hope and Sobriety on Skid Row, Dies at 67


By Steve Marble

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His was the big booming voice on skid row, calling out across the crowded streets to a friend or fellow traveler. “Microphone Mike,” some called him.

A onetime criminal defense attorney who lost his career to a crack addiction, Kevin Michael Key found both ruin and redemption on skid row, a neighborhood he came to embody as one of its loudest and most persistent activists.

Until his death July 19 from cancer, Key was involved with virtually every outreach, self-help or activist group that had its hands in skid row — even acting in a theater group that provided purpose and camaraderie to people who had lost both.

“He always saw skid row as the New York part of L.A.,” said John Malpede, director of the Los Angeles Poverty Department, the theater group.

Key was convinced that skid row had ultimately…click here to continue reading