Kelsey Darragh On Staying Sober During The Pandemic: ‘I’m No Longer Afraid Of Who I Am Without Alcohol’


The author and podcaster shares how she learned to not only survive but thrive in a locked-down world without her old crutch.

By Kelsey Darragh

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I’d always been a partyer, which, for me, meant lots of late nights and booze, followed by debilitating hangovers. Somehow, through most of my 20s, it was never enough to make me quit. That is, until June 2019, when my binge drinking caught up with me.

Knee surgery put me on my ass physically and emotionally, but I was determined to make it out for a Pride celebration. I showed up in a hip-to-toe brace, surgical scars still encrusted in blood. I was on pain meds and started drinking at 8 a.m. I blacked out early in the day. I don’t…click here to continue reading