Kat Von D Isn’t Afraid to Talk About How She Got Sober


Original Source: soberinfo.com

Tattoo artists are stereotypically assumed to be expressive, and Kat Von D certainly fits that stereotype. The LA Ink reality star is famously willing to talk about her fame, her life, her struggles, and her addictions; in short, Kat Von D isn’t afraid of the real world.

One reason addiction goes untreated is because the addict doesn’t understand the nature of reality; addicts mistakenly believe that their substance abuse makes life easier, when it actually complicates things. For Kat Von D, it was her tattoo artistry that snapped her to reality: “When I realized that drinking was getting in the way [of my career], I woke up one day and said I don’t want to drink anymore.”

That line illustrates another point about recovery: it’s extremely difficult to trade an addiction for nothing; there has to be something you value more than the thing you’re giving up. Since age 16, Kat had been working as a tattoo artist after dropping out of high school. By 25, she’d been featured on Pimp My Ride, Miami Ink, and LA Ink—one of a handful of tattoo artists to ever achieve national fame. Part of that journey included a promise to herself: “If there was anything that would get in the way of my ability to tattoo, I would cut it out.”

Ten years later, Kat Von D has kept that promise, parlaying further success in tattoos and television into an emerging empire of entrepreneurship: two book deals, a makeup and perfume line, music festivals, and art galleries. Along the way, she’s continued to talk openly about her past mistakes and current struggles: “If anybody out there feels that they relate to me…and happen to be struggling, perhaps I can lead by example…If I can do it, you can do it too.”

She’s now an inspiration, connecting regularly with her 6.1 million Instagram followers to talk about tattoos, fashion, influences, and life in general. At the top of her field, she’s famously tattooed elites from Tommy Lee to Rihanna. That’s a long way from the girl who once spent her time “drinking until she threw up every day.”

We don’t know what Kat will do next; there’s a documentary in the works, but not much more on her immediate career plans. We can only hope whatever comes next, she’ll be as willing to talk about the future as she has been about her past.

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