John Mulaney’s Most Candid Quotes About His Addiction And Recovery Through The Years


By Yana Grebenyuk

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Working through it. John Mulaney has always chosen honesty when it comes to his struggle with addiction and his attempts to stay sober.

During his 2012 comedy special, New in Town, the former Saturday Night Live writer opened up about his decision to get sober.

“I quit drinking ’cause I used to drink too much, and then I would black out and I would ‘ruin’ parties, or so I’m told,” he shared at the time. “When you do that enough, when you black out drinking and you do crazy things you kind of become, like, Michael Jackson. Like, any story anyone says about you might be true, and even you don’t know by the end.”

Mulaney revealed in 2014 that he had been sober since September 2005. However…click here to continue reading