Jamie Lee Curtis Bravely Discusses Her Past Opioid Addiction


In an interview, the actor discusses her past drug addiction and how her fame didn’t help matters

By Charlie May

Original Source: salon.com

Actor Jamie Lee Curtis sat down for a lengthy interview with ABC’s Chris Connelly during which she revealed her former addiction to opiates and talked about opioid epidemic as a whole that has spread across the country.

“I remember the feeling of wanting that prescription,” Curtis explained. “We have an opioid epidemic — around the world, but — predominantly here in America, predominantly in areas . . .”

“That are not Hollywood,” Connelly said.

“No. West Virginia, Appalachia, New England, small towns,” Curtis said. “It’s an epidemic, and I don’t pretend to have the answers for it.”

“But I was an opioid addict, hidden, only got more famous and more attention during it. And it was one of the most humiliating…click here to continue reading