I’ve Slipped Back into Alcoholism Many Times, but I Won’t Stop Trying to Remain Sober


By Claire Munde

Original Source: the-star.co.ke

Love. Everybody needs it, even those whose hearts seem to be made of stone. But what happens when one does not love thyself first – knowingly or unknowingly – and instead seeks this feeling from others? Simply put – disaster.

Many people who seek validation from the love others, but do not receive it often become disillusioned and turn to drugs, alcohol, risky sex or a cocktail of all as a coping mechanism.

Waihiga Mutero, 24, went down a dangerous path of alcoholism after the boyfriend she was head over heels for cheated on her. Everyone, except her, knew about the affairs and when she finally found out, the embarrassment and humiliation made her…click here to continue reading