Is This a Hangover? Or Something Worse…


by Alyce

Woman having a hangover

The beginning months of the college semester always have the biggest parties. People like to reunite over red cups and beer kegs. And this party was no exception.
As the night went on, hugs were exchanged and talks about the summer were murmured in every group. Suddenly from across the cement patio I saw one of my best friends that I hadn’t seen in two months. Like typical overly excited girls, we run to each other, scream in excitement and embrace. But the force of our hug took my feet out from underneath me and I fell back, smacking my head on the cement. It was even loud enough to hear over the techno music playing in the house.
I didn’t want to act like a baby and go home, so I brushed it off, had another beer, and suffered through the throbbing headache.
After another hour or so I made my way home. I was sick all night, hugging the porcelain throne. I felt like I was in a fog the entire next day and I couldn’t shake it off. My head was still throbbing and I even got lost going to class, which never happens. This was the worst hangover I’ve ever had so I decided to go to the nurse and see if she could help me out. That’s when she told me it was not a hangover from the night before, but a concussion from when I fell and hit my head.
I never knew that some symptoms of concussions could have later onsets than others. I wasn’t disoriented or confused the night it happened, but I definitely was the following morning.  The fact that I got sick all night could have been due to my drinking, but in part was due to my concussion. Dizziness, confusion, amnesia, nausea, and fatigue are not only symptoms of excessive drinking from the night before but signs of what could have been a very serious brain injury.