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Olympic boxer Kenneth Egan opened up about his former alcohol addiction, before appearing at First Fortnight, Ireland’s only mental health festival.

The Irish boxing champion has been sober since August 2010 but admits having a drink has crossed his mind a few times over the years.

Kenneth has his engagement to Karen O’Sullivan and birth of his first child Kate, to thank for his sobriety.

He told The Sun: “I’ll always be an alcoholic and of course there has been times where I’ve thought about going into the bar. My alcohol addiction is just doing press-ups at the end of my bed waiting for me to slip but I won’t. I have too much to lose now anyway.

“I have a baby, a fiance and a house and if I went back on the drink again, I’d put the things that mean most to me in jeopardy.”

He added: “A large amount of people who have mental health issues are afraid to talk about it and this is leading to bigger problems. Nervous breakdowns, depression and suicide all come about from not looking after your mental health.”

Kenneth became a father for the first time three months ago when he and fiancée Karen Sullivan welcomed their first child.

He announced the news on Twitter saying: “9lb5 baby Kate welcomed into the world at 5.15am. Well done @Karen__Sullivan. You are amazing”.

The couple got engaged last Christmas and revealed that they were expecting a baby a few months later.

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