Iraq Vet Describes How Prescription Opioids Led Him to 2 Overdoses & More Than a Decade of Addiction


‘I’ve wasted 15 years of my life’

by Natalie Rahhal

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Veterans like 37-year-old Lee Westphal are twice as likely to die of an overdose as other Americans are, according to federal data.

Westphal is one of the estimated 13 percent of veterans that have become addicted to opioids prescribed to them for chronic pain.

The American opioid epidemic has killed more people than has warfare in Iraq – where Westphal fought – Afghanistan and Vietnam combined.

More than a decade after joining the army in 2004, Westphal is 90 days sober and hopeful, but he’s battled back from devastating injuries and addictions to both prescription and street drugs that have nearly claimed…click here to continue reading