Inside ‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr’s Difficult Path To Sobriety


by Lois Oladejo

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“American Chopper” star, Paul Teutul opened up on his journey to sobriety and how challenging it was to get over alcoholism.

Reality star Pail Teutul believes that since he was able to quit alcohol, anyone can find it easy to embark on sobriety. The “American Chopper” star recently shared a tell-all story on how he decided to take a hike from heavy drinking.

The 71-year-old tech pro explained that he started drinking alcohol early in his career, and with time, the urge for heavy drinking grew stronger. Teutul Sr. thought the desire for “getting high” would thin, but it only worsened. He said:

“…I think that I finally got to the point where it kinda just took over my life completely.”

He continued as he added that his family has a history with…click here to continue reading