‘I’m Stav, and I Was an Ice Addict’


Radio host admits live on air he had a crippling year-long meth addiction – before quitting when he vomited ‘a litre’ of blood at work

By Nic White

Original Source: dailymail.co.uk

It only took one hit of the drug ice (crystal meth) for radio comedian Stav Davidson to be so hooked he was taking it every day at work.

The entertainer revealed his addiction publicly on his Hit105 breakfast show on Thursday alongside fellow hosts including Osher Gunsberg.

‘I am Stav Davidson, and for about nine months to a year of my life I had an addiction to ice — methamphetamine,’ he nervously told Brisbane listeners.

His habit started 13 years ago, the year before he got his first radio gig, and was a regular marijuana smoker working in a coffee shop.

Davidson said his dealer offered him a free sample of ice because he was holding too much of it, and asked if he’d just like to try it…click here to continue reading