‘I’m Never Drinking Again’: Meet The Sobriety Influencer Who Actually Meant It


By Miranda Larbi

Original Source: metro.co.uk

‘THAT’S IT, I’M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN – EVER!’ we’ve all wailed hungover, after a heavy night. And for 24 hours, that remains a steadfast commitment. The next week rolls around, however, and somehow we’re back in the same bar with the same round of tequila that lead to the previous week’s hell. But when Africa Brooke said that infamous line back in 2016, she meant it. ‘I had finally accepted that I had a big problem with alcohol and something had to change,’ she tells Metro.co.uk. ‘For eight years up until that point, I had been a blackout binge-drinker and just like my peers, I had normalised this way of drinking and practiced it each time I was around alcohol.’ Like many of us (at least before we had responsibilities), Africa, now 25, says drinking was never about the taste – ‘it was about downing this elixir as quickly as possible’ so she could feel the…click here to continue reading