I’m A Mom And I Was Addicted To Pills


Here’s What Happened After I Told The World

By Jen Simon

Original Source: today.com

One year ago, I exposed my biggest secret to my friends, family and the world: I was a mom who was addicted to pills. For five years, I doctor-shopped and stole pills to support my addiction to opioids (like Percocet) and benzodiazepines (like Xanax).

In an essay, published by the Washington Post last June, I admitted that I didn’t know how to function without pills; worse, I didn’t know how to parent without them.Unexpectedly, my essay went viral, and publications from Cosmopolitan to Babble reached out for follow-up stories. I also filmed a public service announcement for the city of Philadelphia about opioid awareness. Suddenly, it wasn’t a carefully curated group of people who knew my secret — it was my neighbors, the parents at my kids’ school, my parents’ friends, even strangers — everyone knew.


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