If Your Teenager Was Addicted To Opioids, Would You Know? It’s Harder Than You Think.


I lost both my sons to opioid overdoses. Looking back, every red flag adds up.

By Dr. Bonnie Milas

Original Source: usatoday.com

I am an anesthesiologist who administers fentanyl every day to patients. I have also heartbreakingly lost both of my adult sons to accidental opioid overdoses. I came to understand what opioid addiction looks like from a parent’s perspective, but, in the beginning stages it was very hard to detect, even for me. Everything that I share here, I have seen up-close in my home. I’m sharing these details so other parents can understand.

The typical warning signs of teen drug use are falling grades, loss of friends, or a decline in appearance. Those things never happened to my kids. My boys both excelled at sports and school and got along well with others. Each sons’ pathway into use was different and not...click here to continue reading