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SAMUEL L Jackson has spoken candidly about his drug addiction and the moment he hit rock bottom, when his wife and daughter found him on the kitchen floor after “cooking” cocaine.

On US radio show Sway In The Morning, the 67-year-old Pulp Fiction star said he’d been at a bachelor party all day before he decided to kick things up a notch.

“I’d been drinking tequila all afternoon and on the way home in the cab, I’m drunk out of my mind, and I’m like, ‘I gotta get level’,” he said on the program.

“So I went by the coke man spot up town, bought some coke, went home, cooked it, and was getting ready to get lit and apparently passed out. So when I woke up, my wife and daughter were standing there in the kitchen and I’m passed out on the floor.

“Rock’s cooked on the kitchen table — I ain’t even had a hit, or I wouldn’t have been passed out. And there they were. Any my best friend from high school and college was a drug counsellor in Knoxville so my wife called him. And they found a bed for me in upstate New York the very next morning. And I was in rehab the very next day.”

With Jackson stating in previous interviews he’s been sober since 1991, it’s assumed the incident happened in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s.

Last month, he was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards, where he briefly described his experiences and thanked his wife LaTanya Richardson and their 34-year-old daughter Zoe for putting him in rehab.

When asked about the presence of drugs in rap culture and what he wants to tell young people facing the same obstacles, he gave an unexpected answer.

“When people ask me to speak to people about my drug experience or what all that was, it’s hard for me because … I had a great time,” he laughed. “I was ballin’ out until they found me passed out — or at least I thought I was. The dark moments for me were thinking about my career and thinking about … ‘Oh poor me, oh poor me, oh poor me’. And then I got high and forgot about ‘oh poor me’.

“But for me, I have a direct correlation between getting sober and success because when I was in rehab, Spike Lee called (for 1991’s Jungle Fever). So as soon as that happened — when Jungle Fever happened — I started going to lunch in Hollywood. Or I won that award in Cannes, they created that award in Cannes for me (the “supporting actor award at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival was created for him).

“So my success directly correlates to me getting straight and me getting in touch with who I am and understanding what my talents were and how to tap into them in a positive way and not that negative way that I used to.”

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