‘I Was An Alcoholic. When I Quit, The Most Surprising Part Was My Friends’ Reactions.’


Original Source: mamamia.com

Hello, my name is Amber and I’m an alcoholic. I’m also 33 years old, a mum, a wife and a corporate woman. I have a successful career, too. If you saw me in a crowd, you wouldn’t pick me as the alcoholic.

But a few months ago I realised it had become normal for me to reach for a glass of wine as temporary relief from pressure, stress and frustration.

I wasn’t drinking as soon as I woke up, nor was I drinking at work. I also never drank and drove. I did, however, find myself having a drink every day and thinking about how much I was looking forward to one from about 3pm (at the latest). I found myself being tagged in memes about ‘mummy drinks’ regularly, as well as…click here to continue reading