I Was A Bad, Drunk Mom: Binge-Drinker Sobers Up And Writes Self-Help Book


By Jane Ridley

Original Source: nypost.com

One morning in November 2014, hungover mother-of-two Meredith Atwood stumbled into her kitchen to find two empty bottles of wine, a scooped-out ice cream carton and a stack of overdue credit card bills.

There was also a handwritten note on the counter from her husband, James. It read: “You need to get your s – – t together.”

“It took me another 13 months to totally give up drinking, but the message was a wake-up call,” 40-year-old Atwood tells The Post. “It was my rock bottom.”

The lawyer-turned-motivational writer, podcaster and speaker recalls the shameful episode, in which she was too sick from drinking to get out of bed…click here to continue reading