By: Stephanie R. Caudle

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If you have been paying attention to the news you will notice that the abuse and addiction and opioids has become a global epidemic. In fact, it is estimated that there are millions of people who abuse opioids worldwide. In America alone 2.1 million in the United States suffer from substance disorders because of opioid pain relievers.

While America and its government has realized that opioid addiction is problem the problem comes in when those who are addicted don’t recognize they have a problem. Here are just a few ways one can identify if they have a problem with addiction and when it’s time to head to rehab.

Your Addiction is Out of Control

Is your day incomplete when you can’t use drugs or take a pain pill? Do you find yourself often looking forward to the next time you can get high? Your addiction is officially out of control. No drug or pill should have more control of you than you have of it.

Your Family is Impacted

Families are most often impacted by drug addiction more than anyone else. This often occurs because many family members are forced to assume the role of a care taker when another family member is faced with addiction.

It Impacts Your Ability to Work

Many people who have addictions are unable to even function without using. This often impacts not only one’s ability to work but it also decreases your chances of being able to pass a drug test.

Your Finances Begin to Dwindle

A wise man once said if you want to see where one’s heart is, look at their bank account. If you spend all of your money on drugs versus the basic necessities to survive. It’s time for an evaluation. Instead of using your finances to feed your addiction perhaps an evaluation can show you how to use your money to heal your body.

You Can’t Stop

If your friends and family are often telling you that you need to quit but you are having trouble quitting no matter how hard you try. You need extra help. There are many resources that offer rehab help online. Despite what many people say rehab does not show weakness it actually shows strength.

If you are someone is dealing with addiction, there is help available. Call your local addiction recovery specialist today.

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