How To Cure Your Kids’ Digital Addiction And Reconnect Them With The Real World?


Addiction to devices and technology is turning out to be a modern-day parent’s headache. Here are some ways you can protect your kids against this issue.

By Michelle Breitstein

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Nowadays, it is a familiar sight in a majority of the families – Kids bent over a screen for hours and lost in a digital world. Be it Pokemon or PUBG, there is no argument to the point that technology addiction is taking a toll on kids.

It can be a boon that electronics can keep the kids engaged and in one place. But too much time spent on it leads to screen addiction which can turn out to be dangerous for them.

Remember, there is a lot of difference between reliance on technology and addiction to it. The moment you notice disturbing patterns of long hours spent on the TV, laptops or Smartphone’s, you need to be alert. The sooner you address this issue, the better the outcomes will be.

You can use the below tips to reform your kids’ technology habits…click here to continue reading