How to Approach Your Spouse Who Abuses Alcohol


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Communication issues rank in the top five reasons relationships fail and are also commonly listed as irreconcilable differences in litigation. These communication issues can become severe when one party is dealing with alcohol abuse. Engaging with your spouse over these concerns about can be a difficult task. Expressing yourself with clarity and sincerity will determine whether or not your communication receives a positive reaction.

Matthew Worth, a Family Law Attorney at Strauss Troy Law Firm, focuses on collaborative divorce, complex divorce litigation, child custody, and other aspects of Family Law that put him in direct contact with couples experiencing strains in communication. His experience corroborates ways to effectively speak with a spouse regarding their alcohol use disorder issues.

Approach with Concern

“The best way to approach someone is with concern, not with demands,” says Worth. Entering into any conversation with blame and animosity only elicits anger and frustration, instead of preparing them for a discussion where they feel comfortable.

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