How I Survived Wedding Season In My First Year Of Sobriety


There’s more to weddings than an open bar. It just took giving up alcohol for me to realize it.

By Sarah Levy

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Weddings are for partying.

I learned this much at my first wedding reception. I was 6, and a flower girl in my cousin’s bridal party. It was 1996, and I heard songs like “Macarena” and Hootie & the Blowfish’s “Only Wanna Be With You” for the first time. I danced for hours in my pink floor-length dress, emerging sweaty and exuberant at the end of the night.

“I love weddings!” I screamed at my parents as they put me to bed.

Weddings are also an escape from reality, a few fairy-tale hours. As an anxious child, I loved to escape. I lost myself in stories and make believe, creating and retreating into universes that felt safer than my own.

This urge to escape had evolved into a complicated relationship with alcohol. I was a…click here to continue reading